A Wearable Thermometer

Monitors Body Temperature, Posture, and Motion of Your Loved Ones
All Day… All Night… Non-Stop!

Check-my-Temp Monitors Non-Stop!

Check-my-Temp is worn as an arm band. It monitors body temperature, movements and position including fall detection for elderly.

“It monitors even when they are sleeping.Shhhhh! Did we mention it does it non-stop?”.

A Wearable Thermometer

The Check-my-Temp wearable armband allows the patient to get much-needed rest while providing caretakers with updated information at their fingertips. The band is made with medical grade fabric, and is soft and breathable. It is so lightweight that after a few minutes, you’ll forget it’s there. The band comes in different sizes to accommodate people of all ages and sizes.

Check on your loved ones from anywhere, on any smart device!

Using the app on your phone or tablet, you can check up on your loved ones anywhere, anytime without disturbing them. You’ll have real-time information that will help you get rid of the guesswork and know when to take action.

Tracking fever was never so simple

Check-my-Temp sends the data to the app so you’ll be instantly alerted if the patient’s body temperature rises above or falls below the limits.

To change the limits, just go to menu and change them.

No more getting out of bed or waking up your loved ones every few hours to check the temperature. You can rest at ease knowing that you’re taking the best care of your family.

We monitor motion and position too

The device monitors motion and position of the body so you know if your loved one is asleep or awake.

While the device cannot detect severe conditions such as epilepsy directly, it does detect any rapid movements including free falls, and alerts you right away.

Check-my-Temp makes it easy for you to know when to check in to see if the patient needs additional care or maybe just a hug.

Multiple ways to review

Help your doctor

Share the trends and symptoms as a PDF with your doctor via email.

Only the first name appears on the report due to privacy issues.

Send or receive alerts ... anytime … anywhere

Send text or email alerts to you and your family members by adding phone numbers or emails in the Alert Settings.

Keep up-to-date health care info about all of your family members

You can use Check-my-Temp to track all of your family members. Using ‘Change Profile’ option, you can simply select the family member that needs Check-my-Temp the most.

Uh... oh, now everyone’s feeling sick

As much as we hate it, sometimes several family members get the flu at the same time. The Check-my-Temp app lets you keep tabs on them all.

You can simply use ‘Add/Change Device’ to monitor up to 6 Check-my-Temp thermometers simultaneously.

Remembers all the symptoms for you

You can also use the ‘Record Symptoms’ option by simply selecting symptoms from the menu and add additional notes if necessary. This will help you easily share a complete report with your doctor and also maintain illness records for future reference.

Keep track of your medication schedule

Check-my-Temp can even help you track when to administer the next round of medication. The app will alert you when it’s time for the next dose and help you avoid missing doses or accidentally administering too much or too little medicine.

Put a smile on the dial

Personalize the app by adding a picture of your loved one - giving you an extra dose of positive as you nurse them back to health.

Simply press the image button for more than 20 sec and the app will allow you to choose an existing picture or take a new one.

Change the units with a swipe

If you need change the units from Fahrenheit to Centigrade, simply swipe the button inside the dial.

Simply press the image button for more than 20 sec and the app will allow you to choose an existing picture or take a new one.

Real Time Health Map

One of the key features of the app is that you can create or join local groups such as school group, or work group to get real time health alerts. The feature anonymously aggregates the data from multiple users to provide you with local health trends so you know if it’s flu or strep throat or something else going around.

Even if you do not buy one of our thermometers we invite you to download the app at no charge and explore the many additional benefits our platform offers.

How does it work?

Mode 1: Traditional Monitoring - With its own display, Check-my-Temp can simply work as a traditional thermometer.

Mode 2: At-home Monitoring - It can connect to the accompanying app using Bluetooth low-energy technology and provide real time alerts on your smart phone.

Mode 3: Remote Monitoring / Sharing - The mobile app can send the data to our cloud for storage, to monitor remotely or simply share with others.

The World’s Most Advanced Thermometer .. Period!

Our Multi Temp Technology provides accurate temperature readings regardless of the body position. When it comes to continuous monitoring, the position of the arm and surrounding environment can have an impact on the temperature measurement. For instance, simply raising the arms and exposing the thermometer to the air, can lead to variation in the temperature readout.

Check-my-Temp employs Multi Temp technology (patent-pending) designed to provide the most accurate temperature readings, for when it matters most.

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